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Friday, 28 June 2013


This work sheet is about kilograms and grams.this is what we have being doing this is one of them 1000grams is 1kilograms see  what I mean

Thursday, 27 June 2013

information report

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  Ligers by Cameron lucas.             
Ligers are a mix of a male lion and a female tiger it has the speed of its mother and the power of its father its an interesting animal that lots of people have questions about. Appearance ligers a born in zoos’ ligers have sharp claws they have a tail and their fur white and black and brown tail and can weigh up to 900 pounds that’s like a hundred of me!!!
Like the tiger it’s a real good swimmer because  it has webbed feet. The liger eats a lot of a day its around about
900 kgs a day

   how do ligers communicate  ligers communicate by roaring  ligers live in zoos they don’t  live in the wild.

How a baby liger changes into a adult it gets taller what a young liger looks like a female lion.