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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Room 26 learner licenses

In room 26 we have a system and its is called learner licenses it's sort of like a drivers license but  it's about your learning, the system works like you have mobile license where you can go anywhere in the school to do your learning.independent where you can work anywhere in the classroom to work,regulated where the teacher chooses where you work and teacher where you work with teacher where ever he/she is.


In reading this tearm I have been learning to figure out the the authors purpose in the text,by reading the text and finding out if the text leaves any clues.


In Measument I have been learning to find and culclate the perimeter/area of a shape, here is some evidence of my work.

Careers board

This week in careers we have been making making up our career boards to present in the School hall next tearm.My choosen career was a rugby player because I love rugby and I'm really good at it.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Times table practice (10s and 11s)

10 times 1 is 10 10 times 2 is 20 10 times 3 is 30 10 times 4 is 40 10 times 5 is 50 10 times 6 is 60 10 times 7 is 70 10 times 8 is 80 10 times 9 is 90 10 times 10 is 100 10 times 11 is 110 10 times 12 is 120 11 times 1 is 11 11 times 2 is 22 11 times 3 is 33 11 times 4 is 44 11 times 5 is 55 11 times 6 is 66 11 times 7 is 77 11 times 8 is 88 11 times 9 is 99 11 times 10 is 110 11 times 11 is 121 11 times 12 is 132

Careers blogpost

In class were learning about careers and what we want to do and what we have to do to make it happen.I have finished my explanation about my chosen career and that's a rugby player 🏉.

Reading blogpost

In reading this week I'm learning about finding the purpose of the authors writing.this week I have finished all my reading for the week.

Maths blogpost

In maths this week I'm learning to find the perimeter and area of a shape.I'm really good finding the perimeter and are of a triangle.