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Monday, 25 April 2016

Term 1 Integrated Learning - Leadership

We have been learning all about What makes a good leader.

Here is a link to the Leadership modelling book. We identified that good leaders show 6 main character traits. These are integrity, goal focused, trustworthy, resilient, motivational and active thinker. The leadership trait that I think I show the most is Resilience because sometimes I find maths hard, but I don't give up until a I complete it to high standard. The leadership trait I would most like to develop is motivational, because I know can motivate people but I would like to become more confident. Something NEW I have learned about leadership is there are different type of leaders, like Richie McCaw and Sir Edmund hillary, are very different types of leaders. The SOLO level that I reached during this unit of learning is relational because i compare & contrast the two leaders but I'm just not ready yet for extended abstract . My next step in learning about leadership is to apply everything that I have learned about leadership to my own leadership roles.

Monday, 4 April 2016

My understanding of Mean, Median, Range and Mode.

My understanding of...

Mean: Is were you have to add up all your numbers and you divide the final number with a number that is divisible by the group of data.
Median: Median is the number that is in the middle of the line or group, sometimes you might need to divide  some numbers.
Mode: My understanding of mode is that mode is the number that you see the most, in the group of numbers.
Range: Is where you have to subtract  the lowest and highest number to get your range.