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Thursday, 27 August 2015

science wk6 term3

This week in Science we played around with some white powders that the Teacher didn't tell us what it was, we test in test tubes with lquids like H20 and cabbage water.We also burned the powders over a stove some of powders burn't and some didn't, we also used vinegar and tipped some of the powder into it then it started to fizz.

Writing {My speech}

This week I presented my speech in front of the speech was about why Rugby is the best sport in the world,We had a random name genarator to pick the next person to present their speech, but i voluntered to do it.I think my strong points in my speech was i knew what I was talking about and i was passionate about it,also how I didn't get stuck that much my big voice would have made an impact.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


In Writing we have been writing speeches which we have to present next Monday,My speech is about why rugby is the best sport in the world.We had give three reasons,a personal story and had to include a introduction,conclusion and three paragraphs that re stated you topic, and also had your reasons.


This week in Science we played with baking soda,citric acid,Vinegar and water.We had plastic cups and some plastic spoons,We used the spoons to place the baking soda in the cups.We also used dish washer liquid in one cup to test chemical reactions, the cup with the dish washer liquid had the biggest reaction.We also had a Beer bottle with some H20(water) and a balloon,we scooped some baking soda and citric acid in the Balloon and placed the balloon of the Beer bottle and tipped the powders in to the water,the balloons then the balloons started to get bigger but ours had a hole in it so it didn't work.