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Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Last week we started practice for our formal at the end of the year the Dances we have practiced so far are The rock & roll wheel and some steps of the waltz.I think that I'm a alright at dancing the reason being is that i can get the hang of the dances very quick.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Term 3 reflection

The three things I think I have done really well.
(1)Geting all my SDL done to a reasonable standard.
(2)Using My National standards spreadsheet,to prove I can do things In my Reading,Writing and Maths.
(3)Koru Games I think I did really well in Koru Games because I was Friendly to the other schools,and did well in my defence in Basketball.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Koru Games

Over the past three days iv'e been competing at Koru Games,the sport I picked was Basketball.I think all the training we did at school really paid off because even though we didn't win the Koru Games, our team was really bonded.I really enjoyed being a part of the Basketball team this year because we worked as a team and never gave up, over all I Koru Games was really fun but I wish that next year our school will do Rugby sevens.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

science wk6 term3

This week in Science we played around with some white powders that the Teacher didn't tell us what it was, we test in test tubes with lquids like H20 and cabbage water.We also burned the powders over a stove some of powders burn't and some didn't, we also used vinegar and tipped some of the powder into it then it started to fizz.

Writing {My speech}

This week I presented my speech in front of the speech was about why Rugby is the best sport in the world,We had a random name genarator to pick the next person to present their speech, but i voluntered to do it.I think my strong points in my speech was i knew what I was talking about and i was passionate about it,also how I didn't get stuck that much my big voice would have made an impact.

Thursday, 20 August 2015


In Writing we have been writing speeches which we have to present next Monday,My speech is about why rugby is the best sport in the world.We had give three reasons,a personal story and had to include a introduction,conclusion and three paragraphs that re stated you topic, and also had your reasons.


This week in Science we played with baking soda,citric acid,Vinegar and water.We had plastic cups and some plastic spoons,We used the spoons to place the baking soda in the cups.We also used dish washer liquid in one cup to test chemical reactions, the cup with the dish washer liquid had the biggest reaction.We also had a Beer bottle with some H20(water) and a balloon,we scooped some baking soda and citric acid in the Balloon and placed the balloon of the Beer bottle and tipped the powders in to the water,the balloons then the balloons started to get bigger but ours had a hole in it so it didn't work.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Learner disposition for term 3

The learner disposition for this term is questioning which is meaning asking closed and open questions,which a closed question is something that can be answered with a single word or a short phase,a open question which makes you have to put more thought into the answer.

Punctuation goal

My punctuation goal is to use commas and contractions,which means using contractions when something belongs somebody and for breath breaks

Maths goal

In Maths my new goal is Fraction/Decimal of a quantity,the reason why this is my goal is because my Astle path way said so.

Reading new goal

My new goal in reading is called discourse where you have two texts and have to read both of them then you compair the differences and similarities.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Maths (measurement )

In Maths we recently resat a test where my learning goals where simple angles and find the perimeter / area of the shape.


At the moment in writing we have being to make a agrumental speech we had to come up with a topic of what we wanted to write and I think I'm going to do something about Rugby.


In reading the Teachers have changed the reading program a little bit by making us do a authors purpose sheet,inference activity,must does,Teacher session and close activity.  

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Room 26 learner licenses

In room 26 we have a system and its is called learner licenses it's sort of like a drivers license but  it's about your learning, the system works like you have mobile license where you can go anywhere in the school to do your learning.independent where you can work anywhere in the classroom to work,regulated where the teacher chooses where you work and teacher where you work with teacher where ever he/she is.


In reading this tearm I have been learning to figure out the the authors purpose in the text,by reading the text and finding out if the text leaves any clues.


In Measument I have been learning to find and culclate the perimeter/area of a shape, here is some evidence of my work.

Careers board

This week in careers we have been making making up our career boards to present in the School hall next tearm.My choosen career was a rugby player because I love rugby and I'm really good at it.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Times table practice (10s and 11s)

10 times 1 is 10 10 times 2 is 20 10 times 3 is 30 10 times 4 is 40 10 times 5 is 50 10 times 6 is 60 10 times 7 is 70 10 times 8 is 80 10 times 9 is 90 10 times 10 is 100 10 times 11 is 110 10 times 12 is 120 11 times 1 is 11 11 times 2 is 22 11 times 3 is 33 11 times 4 is 44 11 times 5 is 55 11 times 6 is 66 11 times 7 is 77 11 times 8 is 88 11 times 9 is 99 11 times 10 is 110 11 times 11 is 121 11 times 12 is 132

Careers blogpost

In class were learning about careers and what we want to do and what we have to do to make it happen.I have finished my explanation about my chosen career and that's a rugby player 🏉.

Reading blogpost

In reading this week I'm learning about finding the purpose of the authors writing.this week I have finished all my reading for the week.

Maths blogpost

In maths this week I'm learning to find the perimeter and area of a shape.I'm really good finding the perimeter and are of a triangle.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Discovery with Dom,Riley and I (Cameron)

We have reached unistrucal in our animation we have been using stick pivot animation to test our skills we have slowly gone onto multistrucal. We have also decided that we should  slow down the movement of the figures  because it doesn't look realistic .

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

technolegy on the bus

Today on the bus to technology. I was showing the school values by being respectful and only talking to the person beside me.

run bike run

last Friday we went to Halswell,domain to do run bike run,I was apart of a team called the rampaging rambos we came 5th out of the year 7/8s.

Saturday, 21 March 2015


This week with Kapa Haka it was my first practice being in the performance group.

Peer mediation

This week for peer mediation we solved three problems,the first was some little kid lost his rugby ball in a tree and we got down for him.We solved a sharing problem and help some year 5s out with,The flying fox.

Friday, 27 February 2015

Year 7 camp

I'm looking really ford to going on camp I just know it's going to be a great two days

Kapa haka

Today at kapa haka we learnt a new song and practiced our actions for a different song

Peer mediation

This week at peer mediation we had no problems and no hurt people on our shift

Friday, 20 February 2015

tabloid sports

Last Friday at Tabloid sports I was a role model by helping direct the kakano members and encouraging them when they found it hard.

Kapa Haka

Today was my first day of Kapa Haka ,I learnt all the songs and the moves to one of the song.

Peer mediation

19/2/15 peer mediation today on my shift I was surprised to see that people had no problems at lunch it's nice to see people geting along so well.