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Friday, 7 November 2014


50th Jubilee, Oaklands School 2014

Oaklands School just had it’s 50th Jubilee. They planted  a Kowhai tree to celebrate. They also made a special gate called a commemorative gate.It has the numbers 1964 & 2014 on it and it sits right outside Jarrow Place Way leading into the school.  

The Jubilee came with all sorts of things like the production 'WHO CARES, WE DO!' Archives and memories were displayed and we performed a Kapa Haka performance, and there was an open day for people from 50 years ago who could see how the school has changed in the last 50 years.  They had a massive cake with the new Oaklands logo on it, saying 1964 to 2014.
Let’s just say the Oaklands School Jubilee was awesome! I wonder what will happen in another 50 years at the 100th jubilee.

By Cameron.

Friday, 24 October 2014

100 WC week 8

The dark hooded guest accompanied the brown ragged trees, as four little youngsters strolled past. The strange hooded guest was about five feet tall, looked twenty years of age and was just about to mug one of these little youngsters.
"Help!", screamed the youngster as this caped man pulled him away.
The youngster's name was Little Johnny.
"Why did you kidnap me Mister?"asked Johnny.
"I don't know returned the strange man."
"You should know not to kidnap people," yelled Young Johnny.
"Well nobody can save you now!" replied the caped man.
So they kept talking about why the man would kidnap him and how.

Friday, 9 May 2014

My learning goal of term1

What my goal was to know what different  words mean. So here's some work showing my goal for term1. Here's some words from this book I read that I didn't know until now peered meaning looked and swept meaning brush off ' rummaged meaning search and muffled means making your self clear or unblocked 

Friday, 4 April 2014

maths term 1

maths in tearm 1 is so awsome we have mr brown for geometry statistics and measurement. Mrs patten for numeracy I fell like am being challenged a lot in maths that at the end the lesson I the problems.

Writing term 1

My goal in writing is to get my punctuation right.

Reading term 1

In reading my goal is to know what different words mean. At the moment iam reading the book thief the hunger games catching fire and Alex rider ark angel

Friday, 28 February 2014

Hammer springs

Hammer springs is a small town in Canterbury .
Where you can go to the dairy or the park.
Or even go to the pools on nice days
Or to just hop in the hot pools

Wedding poem

White black grey suits groom's bride's dresses
Very where friends, family, uncles, and auntie,
All there for the big day

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

choose your culture treat four ways/pop art

We are learning about the elements and techniques of painting. We are able to share our cultural indenties thorough the arts. 1 we had to what culture we were going to do I picked New Zealand. 2 We had to draw what icon we were going to  from that culture. I picked Pineapple Lumps it's a kiwi icon. 3 After we finshed our daft copy we had to paint our daft copy for an example. 4 Then we got a bit of A3 paper then had to draw four sguares.  That then will be were we will draw our icon.5 Then we had to draw on our icon we got started drawing our icon on. my four packs of Pineapple Lumps massive and was ready to paint! .6 Ok  ready to paint my painting so the the tables are ready to paint on. The one in the top left hand corner I did complementary colours the complementary colours I used was yellow and purple. And a yellow background. Then I did the top right hand corner side monochromatic. I did a dark yellow and then a lighter yellow and then lighter. In the bottom right hand corner I did analogous the analogous colours I used was light blue dark blue and purple and then used a light blue background. I am really proud about my painting it took a lot of time but it was worth it. I think on my rubic I would be realational.  by Cameron