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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Learner disposition for term 3

The learner disposition for this term is questioning which is meaning asking closed and open questions,which a closed question is something that can be answered with a single word or a short phase,a open question which makes you have to put more thought into the answer.

Punctuation goal

My punctuation goal is to use commas and contractions,which means using contractions when something belongs somebody and for breath breaks

Maths goal

In Maths my new goal is Fraction/Decimal of a quantity,the reason why this is my goal is because my Astle path way said so.

Reading new goal

My new goal in reading is called discourse where you have two texts and have to read both of them then you compair the differences and similarities.

Friday, 24 July 2015

Maths (measurement )

In Maths we recently resat a test where my learning goals where simple angles and find the perimeter / area of the shape.


At the moment in writing we have being to make a agrumental speech we had to come up with a topic of what we wanted to write and I think I'm going to do something about Rugby.


In reading the Teachers have changed the reading program a little bit by making us do a authors purpose sheet,inference activity,must does,Teacher session and close activity.