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Monday, 6 June 2016

My Short Story

The pieces of my writing that are highlighted green are where I have shown my vocabulary and punctuation goal
My Story...As Juan Jumped back into reality safe from his horrible vision of being caught by the FED’S,  the FED’S  was the nickname for the F.B.I  stands for  Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FED’S were Juan’s worst nightmare  because He was an illegal  Mexican food cartel on the FBI’s most wanted, he was responsible  for thousands of illegal food being smuggled into Washington D.C daily.  Anyway, Juan was supposed to met his friend Thiago in the CBD of Mexico City, but little did he know the FED’S were watching his every move, waiting until the right time to apprend.  

So Juan gathered his belongings, Pistol, Packages of Mexican food and fake ID. He only lived ten minutes away from the CBD so he sprinted not worried about his actions.
He arrived  puffing like a steam train, he spotted his mate, Thiago,  at was at that moment in time the  FED’S came out of the blue with assault rifles, one of the FED’S bashed the gun against  Juan’s  Criminal mastermind of a head.  All Juan remembered  was the face of his friend Thiago, the FED’S threw a massive! party in honour of Catching the Over lord of Mexican food , Juan heard a roaring engine outside his cell, that was when he realised that Thiago, was breaking him out.  Thiago ripped out Juan’s cell wall with the back of a pickup truck. Juan Jumped  into the pickup truck and were never to be seen again. Some believe That Juan and Thiago  returned to their twisted ways, but the truth is they ran off to Hollywood  to start a new life. What do you think?

JUAN & THIAGO’S  NEW LIFEJuan and Thiago  had flown from Mexico City welding their fake passports, firearms , a week's worth of food and Millions of dollars, to create their new lifestyle in Hollywood. With a Total balance of 1 Billion dollars

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